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Stages of Reading
By: Cheri Dotterer
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  1. jaime Finw

    The videos were not shared during the presentation. I tried to upload on my own but could not. I looked up Dibels and see what that means.

    • Cheri Dotterer


      So sorry. The video didn’t upload properly. It has been reentered. Try again.


  2. jaime Finw

    Thank you Cheri – great video – I had no clue of the DIBELS – I wish I knew this when my own kids were little!

  3. Sheila Pillay

    My first time hearing of the DIBELS. Some schools here use the MAP – Reading Test, and the RAZ tests. Would you know if the DIBELS has more pros than the other two assessments? I’ve never actually given due consideration to my students’ (with dysgraphia) reading abilities. I am going to now! Thanks Cheri.

  4. Sabrena Schaefer

    I have a teacher who will let me observe while she is administering the “Fastbridge” reading assessment our school district uses. They no longer use the Dibels assessment. I’m excited to see how it works.


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