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By: Cheri Dotterer
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  1. Marla Graves

    There is no information about the WOLD. can you email me the information regarding how to order this test?

  2. Cheri Dotterer

    Wold Sentence Copying Test – CEESA › uploads › 2021/02 › 4.2…DOC
    Purpose: The Wold Sentence Copy Test is a timed test designed to evaluate the child’s speed and accuracy when copying a sentence from the top of a page to the …

    When I go to Google and type in WOLD Assessment, this comes up and you can download the manual for free. Purchasing information is on the last page.

  3. Sabrena Schaefer

    I have never heard of the WOLD copying test. I will check it out and bring it to the attention of the OT’s I work with. Thank you.


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