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By: Cheri Dotterer
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  1. Beth McGlynn

    The house on the bottom left has a chimney in a different place than the others. One of the clocks does not have numbers on it. I think of a baby or toddler with Mary Had a Little Lamb and I think of students at work with the Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes since I use that song frequently in my AS classroom and sometimes in my Lifeskills classroom.

  2. jaime Finw

    When I see Niagra Falls I think of the sound that must be created by the water and if I would enjoy visiting with my family.

  3. jaime Finw

    The image evokes fear..

  4. jaime Finw

    When I see the 4 houses I am certain that I myself have visual discrimination issues!!! I have a hard time with the clocks – I probably should not admit that!!!

  5. jaime Finw

    I LOVE the movie, Inside Out!!!!

  6. jaime Finw

    Im not sure what the value of 7-10 bytes of information that we can hold in the hippocampus for 24 hours. What is that equivalent to?


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