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Visual-Spatial Dysgraphia
By: Cheri Dotterer
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  1. jaime Finw

    I have found that kids that can’t tell time on clocks also can’t tell time on digital clocks – is the analog clock a building block for understating time as a spacial relationship?

    I love the idea of using the grid paper for shapes, numbers and letter.

    I have one child that can read but can not make a square – its so interesting to me and I wonder if this grid paper will help

    Can you provide more information on the directionality activity (letter in the middle with 6 Letters to the left; 6 to the right; one on top; one on the bottom). For example, do you ask the kids which letter is on the top? Is it this simple or are there other ways to make this activity work? Thank you

    Can you explain more about making the circle into a rectangle and the rationale for this (Time in video 19:19)? Thank you


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