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Is illegible handwriting why your student is failing your expectations?

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Illegible handwriting could be a symptom of dysgraphia.

Decoding Dysgraphia

This 5-day video mini-course is part of Module 2 of Dotterer Dysgraphia Method. It gives you a taste of what you will learn in the full program. It includes the Stages of Reading and Writing, the Types of Dysgraphia, and a brief summary of the regulations that support dysgraphia.


Dotterer Dysgraphia Method

This course is a companion to the book Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect written by the instructor. The purpose of the course is to become proficient in understanding the types of dysgraphia and strategies that can be used inclusively in the classroom to enhance all students’ learning.

$497 or 2 payments of $277

Masterclass Series

Professional development classes focused on the invisible learning disabilities of dysgraphia. Masterclasses are designed to enhance your knowledge of dysgraphia and provide you with strategies that you can take back to the classroom or clinic the next day. Improve your classroom management and interventions. Parents are also encouraged to attend.

$47 each

Information processing is an individual’s ability to learn and retain new information; that is, decode, interpret, and respond with efficiently coded and written words.

Cheri Dotterer, Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect

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