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Dysgraphia Courses

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Supplement your current handwriting and reading curriculums by streamlining your classroom or 1:1 interventions.

Dotterer Dysgraphia Workshop

The Dotterer Dysgraphia Workshop is a full-day interactive workshop to help you streamline and target writing interventions for the whole classroom and support all children regardless of their disability.


Dotterer Dysgraphia Method

The Dotterer Dysgraphia Method empowers teachers and therapists to target their interventions and become certified as a Dysgraphia Specialist through instructional coaching, and creation of a portfolio.

$497 or 2 payments of $277

Dotterer Dysgraphia Toolkit

The Dotterer Dysgraphia Toolkit includes an in-depth self-study course enhances your awareness of dysgraphia. Information helps you by streamlining your target interventions.


Dotterer Dysgraphia Webinar

Discover how Kathy helped Beth and John overcome school expulsion. This interactive 1.5-hour webinar introduces you to the Dysgraphia CROWN Framework to streamline your interventions.


15-minute Consultation

Do you have a question for Cheri about your child? Are you a therapist, teacher, or school administrator with questions about implimentation into your school, or evaluation? Schedule a consultation with Cheri.


54% of K-4 teachers indicated that Common Core Standards negatively impacted handwriting instruction

Decreased pencil grip | Letter formation | Spacing | Memory | Fine Motor Skills | Perceptual problems | Illegibiliity | Poor writing habits

Collette, D., Anson, K., Halabi, N., Schlierman, A., & Suriner, A. (2017). Handwriting and Common Core State Standards: Teacher, occupational therapist, and administrator perceptions from New York State public schools. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 71, 7106220010.

I use [Dotterer Dysgraphia Method] in my instruction as an adjunct professor.


OT, Private Practice

I found that your course made it easier to explain dysgraphia to others.


OT, Low Vision/Sensory Processing Specialist

If I need help, Cheri is always accessible. That is what makes her unique and appreciated.


OT, Seasoned Therapist

Even professionals with 20 years of experience have streamlined their interventions by understanding how to apply a sensory-motor developmental approach to dysgraphia.

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