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DECODING The Sensory Pathway
By: Cheri Dotterer
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  1. jaime Finw

    Hi Cheri – what is the second reflex you mention after the Galant? My old ears can’t figure it out!!! Ty

    • Cheri Dotterer

      ATNR, STNR, Spinal Galant, Spinal Pereze, Hand reflexes

  2. Cheri Dotterer

    From an email sent to me: I completed a 2 part Masterclass on Primitive Reflexes. Look for information regarding purchasing this series on the homepage where you log in. (This resource will be available October 2021).

  3. Sabrena Schaefer

    Hi Cheri, I didn’t notice any chapter on reflexes in the HBBD book. Is there any other info in the book that is also helpful regarding this topic?


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